One Sunday Afternoon

Tim van Eyken & Robert Harbron

CD only BEJOCD-34


Two rising stars of the acoustic music scene come together in an album that combines consummate musicianship with an instinctive feel for traditional material. The deftly-played instrumental sets draw on English, French and Swedish roots, while the songs are enriched by Tim's voice - warm, assured and full of character.

Track listing

1 Sussex Waltz 2.22
2 Frenchman in the Moon 6.12
3 Ye Mariners 1.49
4 Old Swedish 9.05
5 New Swedish 7.14
6 The Handsome Dark Lover 3.23
7 Poynton 5.16
8 Set La Cardeuse 4.30
9 Farmer Slough 4.59
10 Bold Riley 4.31

What the Critics have said...

'A pleasing and enjoyable record'

'No wild fusions here, just well played renditions of traditional ballads and tunes by a young English duo. Tim Van Eyken sings and plays melodeon while Harbron plays concertina and guitar and sings harmony vocals. The duo has a great rapport; melodeon and concertina interweave nicely on several of the instrumental selections and the vocal blend on "Bold Riley" is perfect.'
Sing Out! (USA)

'The album will delight not only concertina and melodeon players but also the rest of us... LUSCIOUS'
The Living Tradition

'What a delicious album, with two of our finest taking us on a tour of some simply gorgeous Swedish, French, Quebecois and English tunes, with four songs thrown in for good measure. The influences are not hard to recognise but that in no way detracts from the musicianship of Tim's accordion playing and Rob's concertina, or their, often understated, arrangements, which combine to particularly good effect on the Swedish numbers. The song, 'Det Stod en Jungfru' is a cracker, followed by a polska that I can't get out of my head. Rob has created some fine tunes here - 'Poynton', 'Wedding Tune', all with wonderful rhythms... This is definitely a CD to be played over and over.'

'Tim is a really fine singer as well as a very talented box player... This is a CD that does exactly what it says on the tin - a CD for a Sunday afternoon with beautiful pieces of music and highly entertaining songs... Tim Healey of Beautiful Jo Records has a really good ear for traditional music and deserves recognition for the support he gives to new talent. This combination and this CD are both winners.'
Kit Bailey, BBC online

'A wonderful album and a great advert for acoustic music'
Traditional Music Maker

'The quality of playing is impressive and some serious melodeon/concertina interplay makes for good listening'
Shire Folk

'Natural, relaxed, pure... a lovely collection of traditional music'

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