ca' nôs





What the critics have said...

'This album is frankly nothing short of stunning and we can only hope to hear much more from Fernhill in the future.'
Sing Out!

'Murphy's vocals are superb... She is relaxed and powerful, and moves easily from hard-edged lyrics to soft, sensitive ballads...The standard of musicianship throughout the CD is of the highest order. This is a brilliant CD which shows maturity, and a feeling for music which is extremely unusual in a debut recording. I just can't wait to see the band live...'
The Living Tradition

'This is a work of stature... The arrangements remain strong yet sympathetic, dominant yet alluring. Murphy's vocals are mighty throughout. Done simply with care and passion, albums like this make you shiver.'
Folk Roots

'No sooner had I posted my choice of albums of the year to Folk Roots than this arrived. One play was enough. I was on the phone to FR, asking them to drop a nomination (won't tell you which one) and insert Fernhill's debut instead. You know how things are in busy offices. The list never got changed. Sorry, Julie, Ceri, Jonathan and Andy.
Sometimes a CD just rises from the mountain of mediocrity and grabs your heartstrings... This is an album for Wales to treasure, a landmark and a reference point for all Welsh musicians, as they look to the future,'

'This is a highly creative effort... a skilled and original album,'
Shire Folk

Barry Coope, Folkwaves, BBC in the Midlands

'Will do much to redress the position of Welsh music in the Celtic cannon, and introduce a potentially new audience to its delights... An all round performance of excellence. The musician's understated playing allows Murphy room to shine and the overall resuult is an album of rare beauty and an essential purchase for lovers of Welsh music.'

'Without question, one of the most beautiful recordings that I have ever had the pleasure to air,'
Lee Blackstone, Blackstone's Tavern radio show, WMUA 91.1 FM, Massachussetts

Welsh and French lyrics translated

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