English Songs of Love

Julie Murphy, Lynne Denman, Joanne Acty




Searching for Lambs...The Cuckoo...A Blacksmith Courted Me...The Dark-Eyed Sailor... these and ten more love songs are among the treasures of the English folk tradition and wonderfully evoked in this album. Available both on CD and cassette the collection is presented by three fine interpreters of traditional song. Fernhill's Julie Murphy is already acknowledged as one of the foremost singers of her generation - 'a stunning female voice' is how Living Tradition magazine has described her. Julie has often performed in partnership with Lynne Denman from the band Ffynnon, and the power of their vocal harmonies can be heard on the album's fine version of The Banks of the Sweet Primroses. Joanne Acty from the acclaimed Oxfordshire band Magpie Lane completes the trio of performers whose voices are enhanced by sensitive and inventive arrangements on fiddle, guitar, clarinet, accordion, cello, harpsichord and other instruments.

What the critics have said...
'Three women singers with fine voices, eight skilful musicians and fourteen of the most handsome songs around sounds like a formula for a successful album and it proves to be so... A gentle album that has many beauties to offer. It really does work.' 
Roy Harris, Taplas

'The songs are familiar because they are pretty much great and generations of people have loved singing them. The fact that Julie Murphy is here singing quite a lot of them can only improve matters yet further: her Lowlands of Holland is worth the price of the record by itself, an exquisite blending of vocal poise and twin fiddles. The Murphy/Denman unaccompanied harmonies on Sweet Primroses, perhaps owing more to the Appalachians than the Sussex Downs, come in a pretty close second, none of which implies any disrespect to Denman and Acty's strong individual contributions by the way, but these were the two tracks that struck me.'
Folk Roots

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