Love's Holyday

Oxford Waits

CD only BEJOCD-54

Track listing
1. Come Bring with a Noise
2. Drive the Cold Winter Away
3. Love is a Bauble
4. Cuckoo
5. The Loving Couple
6. Loveís Holy Day
7. Come Follow your Leader Follow
8. The Swimming Lady
9. Hunsdon House
10. The Lancashire Cuckold
11. There were Three Ravens
12. Watkinís Ale / Grimstock
13. Death by Custard
14. Tomorrow the Fox / Trenchmore
15. The West Country Delight
16. Ham House
17. Thinkst Thou Then
18. The Infallible Doctor / The Gun
19. Fine Knacks for Ladies
20. The Great Bels of Oesney
21. Good Morrow Gossip Joan
22. My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone / The Earl of Essex Measure
23. Since First I Saw Your Face
24. The Hunting of the Coney / Room for Cuckolds
25. Christmasís Lamentation
26. Love for Love: Dancíd in the Play
27. Old Christmas Returníd

Brand new!
A marvellous romp through the 17th-century seasons, beginning and ending with Christmas.