Five Play

Climax Ceilidh Band

CD only BEJOCD-53


Second release by one of the most vibrant bands on the English ceilidh scene - five highly skilled musicians in intuitive sympathy with one another. Driving rhythms of accordion and guitar; sweet, dancing fiddles; the swift trill of the flute and the power of the pipes… all contribute to a richly textured sound. Playing 'live' is as exciting for them as for the dancers. The band prides itself on its mix of traditional and self-penned material - and there are some glorious new tunes on this album.

What the critics have said...
'Five acoustic musicians at the top of their game, and eleven beautifully crafted sets of tunes’
Chris Pitt, English Dance & Song

‘Their's really is music for the head as much as for the feet, and their second album is as enjoyable as their 2006 debut. Long hours must have gone into honing the intricate and cinematic arrangements. Great stuff.’
Mike Greenwood, Taplas

‘Toss what you think a ceilidh band sounds like; this English quintet features big accordion-driven sets and a full sound more akin to the orchestral spirit of Ceoltoiri Chualanin than a pub pickup session. Jazzy interludes, lacey-interweaving, meaty hooks, a sense of swing and exuberance make this a memorable release that’s miles from ordinary.’
Sing Out! (USA)

‘The fiddles dance their melodies quite deliciously, interweaving with the wind instrument parts above the driving rhythms of the accordion and guitar; and the tunes - a significant majority of which are self-penned by band members - tend to have rhythmic or textural surprises round every corner but without resorting to gimmicks, while often fearlessly employing riffs from Jimi Hendrix (Foxy Rant) or the Stranglers (Horny Miss Hart), to organically inventive effect. The fun and vitality of the playing has a rather as-live feel... All of which adds up to a stimulating disc of dance music, built around lively and immediate acoustic-based textures that are rich and full enough to appeal to the head as well as the feet.’

Track Listing
1. New Green Dress/Molly’s Polka 4.45
2. Foxy Rant 4.04
3. Hot Bitch/Red Sofa 4.17
4. Harlequin Air 2.56
5. Horny Miss Hart: Yes Miss Hart/Funky Horns 4.38
6. Many a Slip 5.04
7. Fanfare: Mouse Proof Pedals/Who Knows 3.30
8. Yeller Girls 1.49
9. Ecstatic Spider/Vertico 4.46
10. On the Fly 2.39
11. Parrot on a String/Tracey’s 3.53
12. Slick Jib/Maxine/Derby Hunt 3.42