Come Dancing

Climax Ceilidh Band

CD only BEJOCD-49

What the critics have said…

'Shows just why this relatively new ceilidh band is making such headway in the folk scene. With their mixture of accordion, two fiddles, guitar, pipes, whistles and flute, they cover a range of traditional and well-known tunes that are great for dancing. Ultimately however, it is their original material and arrangements, which makes this CD so attractive'.
Florence Bearman, English Dance and Song

'Wonderful music which constantly changes, divides, reforms, recedes and resurges… feet-shifting music all the way, and the album has been stuck on my CD deck for weeks… a feast of perfectly memorable band compositions, quite a few of which I'm certain will start cropping up in sessions before the summer's out. Do look out for them.
Mike Greenwood, Taplas

'Great instrumental CD from a very talented group of players who are, I am pleased to see, proud to call themselves a ceilidh. They breathe and bow great life into old favourites such as Jig of Slurs, and the self penned offerings have an equally lilting and well tempered sound. I like the drive and pace of Spike, the moodiness of Aunty Forever, and the stagger of Anna and Nick's Marriage Mazurka… The album ends with two supercharged American reels, Staten Island and Kitchen Girls. This is the kind of music you already enjoy, well played and fresh to the ear. Look out for them. And buy the album.'
Chris Mills, Shire Folk

'Much thought has been put into the arrangements and the excellent recording quality brings out the texture of the various instrument combinations'
Bob Taberner, The Folk Mag (online)

'Before you ask, not all the tunes end with a crescendo! Climax Ceilidh band have a very traditional line up of Accordion (Richard Jones), 2 Fiddle players (Anna Tabbush and Holly Sheldrake), guitar (Mark 'Swerve' Weaver) and pipes/flute/whistle (Chris Walshaw), but they have included many self penned tunes here, and very good they are too. They are all highly competent musicians, and the chemistry between the players in this band is something special. Somehow you can tell that the band are good friends by the balance of the music and the warmth and cheerfulness with which they play. The jokey, intimate sleeve notes are also a giveaway! "Anna and Nick's Marriage Mazurka" is one of my favourites, written by Holly Sheldrake for Anna Tabbush's wedding. Sometimes the best presents are homemade!

The various band members bring together a range of influences and experience, with Richard Jones 'a renegade from rock music', Anna Tabbush and Swerve coming from strong folk backgrounds , and Chris and Holly bringing in a sound knowledge of European folk traditions. The result is that the dances are impressively diverse and erudite - from Scottish jigs to American reels to polkas, mazurkas, a hornpipe and a schottische.

Traditionalists are sure to love this album, as there's no drum, bass or vocals – but those of us who have admired Anna's distinctive, clear voice from her solo work and with the trio Meridian may wish the CCB had stretched a point!'
Valerie Travers,

Track Listing

Track 1 Spike Part 1 / Spike Part 2 (Sheldrake / Jones)

Track 2 Red Crayon (Tabbush and Weaver)

Track 3 Kemble / Zender (Sheldrake)

Track 4 Not A Reel Polka (Jones)

Track 5 Jig of Slurs / Atholl Highlanders (Pipe Major G S MacLennon / Traditional)

Track 6 Aunty Forever (Sheldrake)

Track 7 Yey (he's here) / Mug of Brown Ale (Tabbush and Weaver / Traditional)

Track 8 Convenience Reel (Olcan Masterson)

Track 9 Month of Mead/Money Tree (Tabbush / Cliff Stapleton)

Track 10 Jack-in-the-Green (Jones)

Track 11 The Empty Road/Chipperfield Circus (Emma Peters / Jones)

Track 12 Anna and Nick's Marriage Mazurka (Sheldrake)

Track 13 Staten Island/Kitchen Girls (Traditional)

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