Love Burns in me


CD only BEJOCD-40


Medieval & traditional songs & fiddle music from Britain & France

Folk meets early music in an album of spare and haunting beauty. Alva are Vivien Ellis and Giles Lewin. In LOVE BURNS IN ME the duo explore the links between traditional airs and medieval European song. Sensual evocations of illicit love, Gaelic mouth music, Shetlands balladry and songs in Occitan, the language of the troubadours of Southern France… all contribute to the rich fabric of the album. .

What the Critics have said...
'A pure and crystalline record'
Folk Bulletin (Italy)

'Ellis's trained, pure but spare voice is perfectly adapted for raucous mouth music, or for more controlled songs... Whilst Lewin Lewin is clearly a gifted solo artist - as he demonstrates on 'C'est en Mai,' 'Bunch of Keys' and elsewhere - he wisely subdues his playing to frame Ellis's voice. Understated simplicity is part of its immense charm... Loves Burns in Me produces sparks from doing small things exceedingly well.'
Sing Out! (USA)

'Lewin is an intuitively sympathetic accompanist on both early and modern instruments and Ellis has a simply beautiful voice... Both performers are obviously right at home with folk music and playing it because they love it, the mediaeval songs tug the heartstrings and they should count this record a great success.'

'Alva have created amazing achievement and a wonderful listening experience bringing the medival into the now.'
Green Man Review

'Alva are Vivien Ellis, voice, and Giles Lewin, fiddles. They're also members of the Dufay Collective, one of very few outfits who make mediaeval music come alive. Here they cross into folk, as Lovely Joan leads into a 13th-century French song. Vivien is a superb and versatile singer, in total control with the artistry that hides art. In Fair Annie, a lengthy Scottish ballad telling a story in dialogue, you actually care what happens next! She sings a Scots' Cuckoo's Nest with a light jazz-style lilt before going into Gaelic mouth music, and it's amazing what a gentle and intimate rendering can do to a love song in mediaeval French! Giles is a faultless partner, chording on fiddles, and has some solo tunes, but it's Vivien's CD. I'd already bought it on the strength of a R3 Late Junction track before getting the review copy, but no regrets! A little esoteric, but some superb singing! '
Tom Bell-Richards, Shire Folk

'What can I say:- Majestic, Magnificent, Incredible. Three words that even so can still not describe fully just how I feel about this album. Vivien's vocals are not only sublime, but convey in their purity an incredible amount of beauty through the lyrics throughout the album. Combined with Giles's joyous and gentle fiddle playing ; and you have an album that is both complex and free and easy at the same time. Speaking as a radio presenter, albums like this don't get released that often and when they do they quickly become an essentiual part of your play list armoury. This CD has just been added to mine. As a Folk/Traditional music fan, I can just sit back and enjoy absolutely everything that the album has to offer. Congratulations Beautiful Jo and Alva on this incredible gem of an offering!'
Mike Skipper, Programme Controller, Radio DGH, East Sussex

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